UpSafe Office 365 Backup with GDPR compliance.


Office 365 backup has lately become an inevitable part of any company’s route to 100% GDPR compliance. UpSafe Office 365 backup is a perfect tool to protect your company’s data and meet the regulation’s requirements for 5 major reasons: Easy-to-Manage Data Retention Policies Article 6 of GDRP requires a strategic plan for storing data about … Continued

Office 365, the enterprise industry leader.

Office 365

Enterprises worldwide choose Office 365 instead of G Suite by Google. There are 2 major reasons – the clear superiority of Microsoft Office 365 as an enterprise solution and hidden costs of G Suite. Indeed, organization look for a trustworthy provider when transferring to the cloud, and, you know, who else but Microsoft..? Privacy, security … Continued

How to use MS Outlook offline

We have already told in one of the previous article how to access Google Documents offline. This is a really nice picture, especially for those times when your internet connection is down. However, there are also many companies that use Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 instead of Google apps. What can they do in such … Continued

Office 365 admin center

Office 365 is a great online collaboration tool. If you are an IT administrator in your company and you have decided to select Office 365 as your mail tool, you have made the right choice. Check this article to learn about Office 365 admin center capabilities and also how to enhance your online data security … Continued

How to use Office 365 shared mailbox

Move a shared mailbox in Office 365 is a very convenient to that allows a group of people to send emails from a common account, such as If you reply to an email sent to the shared Office 365 mailbox your email looks as if it was sent from the shared email account, not … Continued

Top 5 tips how to use Office 365 for education

Office 365 is a very good tool for teachers and students. If you use this online app while studying you might have already learned some of its features. In today’s article I would like to review some of the handy features that are available in Office 365, such as collaboration and Office 365 secure email. … Continued

4 tips for teachers who use Office 365 for schools


In one of the previous articles I have already studied what tools are provided by Office 365 for students and teachers. Here are 4 more awesome cloud features that will take your studying process to the new level. I’d like to pay specific attention to archiving Office 365 as it is closely related to your online … Continued

Troubleshooting in Office 365 ProPlus


Although Office 365 is as powerful instrument with user-friendly interface where the chances to run into a user’s mistake are minimized the problems may still occur. The most common issues are related with installation, licensing and activation. See the instructions what you can do in case you run into any of these issues and how you … Continued