Cloud Apps Backup

What is Cloud Apps Backup?

Cloud Apps Backup is a cloud backup company with US based headquarters and French office. We provide an easy-to-use online backup for Google G Suite, such as Gmail, Drive or Calendar. And for Office 365 features including mailboxes, OneDrive, SharePoint sites and more.

Cloud Apps Backup is an affordable, instinctive and efficient solution for both end-user and small to medium businesses.

As an administrator, you will have full control over the backed up features, users subscription, access and use of the solution. You can activate and deactivate users, enable and disable services, control the backup deletion and have a clear view on history and payment.

While users will have fast and easy access to their data and to the revisions they might need to recover.


Who are we?

We are a bunch of nerds from all around the globe who came together to create a non-costly, light & handy solution, despite the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.


Why is it important to backup your Google or Office 365 data?

Google G Suite and Office 365 offer an outstanding collaboration environment and more and more people rely on these cloud-based applications to drive their projects, businesses or just to benefit from their services wherever they need them.

As we are using cloud applications daily, we think more and more that they are highly reliable and secured services. And it is true somehow, but only to some extent.

Indeed, when you share files with people, you expose them to potential human mistakes that you cannot control. Moreover, no technology is 100% secured and as you well know, when it comes to critical data, better be ready for everything. Because, as a matter of fact, it is far less expensive to prevent data loss than to get back lost customers or data after the disaster occurred.


What are our core requirements?

We focus on what we believe are the most important components for a cloud backup service: security, efficiency, reliability, scalability, and full control over your content.


What means security for Cloud Apps Backup?

Cloud Apps Backup is committed to offering the best security layer for all user with the highest available encryption protocol.

Data Encryption
Cloud Apps Backup secures all stored data with 256-bit AES encryption standard, using a unique user owned key randomly generated. We also use HTTP protocol with Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL), which allows us to provide an HTTPS security protocol to all data in transit.

Access Monitoring
Our solution continiously monitors new access or potential intrusion with log analysis, rootkit detection, file integrity checking, policy monitoring, and active response. Because better be too safe than sorry, we also set a two-step authentication process to access and manage the solution.

Unbundled Accessibility
Access to production servers is granted only to a small number of high profil technician, who are limited to specific operational requirements. Moreover Cloud Apps Backup has no direct access to your data or your credentials.

Partner Certification
Cloud Apps Backup works closely with the Amazon Cloud Web Services, which is accredited with ISO 27001. It has fulfilled multiple SAS-70 Type II audits, and publishes regularly, under both the SSAE 16 and the ISAE 3402 professional standards, a SOC 2 report.

Cloud Apps Backup already matches most international security requirements. Procedures to access the main international certification regarding security are in progress.


Where do we store your data?

Cloud Apps Backup works closely with Amazon S3. By default, we locate your backups in the USA East Region data center. But as we believe that our user must have full control on their data location, we also allow our premium members to choose between E.U and U.S Amazon S3 data centers.


What are you paying for, when you sign up with Cloud Apps Backup backup?

When you switch on user’s backup, you will be charged for the backup process itself and for the data storage. We consider as “an active user” all users who are storing data on our servers. Please note that we provide an unlimited storage with fair use. So we reserve ourselves the right to set an additional payment if you data use greatly exceed 350GB/domain. If this is the case you will be of course notified in advance.


What means data retention policy?

A data retention policy is about how long we keep your data content. For now, Cloud Apps Backup saves your content without any time limit. So you will be able to find it whenever you need it. Though, we can of course, delete it on your demand. Please note that this applies to active subscriptions and subscriptions outdated by less than 30 days only.


What is the difference between incremental & full backup?

Incremental backup means that we backup daily only your files’ revisions or the files that have been created since your last backup. It allows the backup to process faster for a better user’s experience. We proceed with the backup of all your files only for your first backup.


What about our support service?

All our users are entitled with the Cloud Apps Backup support service. The only difference between our Premium Support service and our Free Trial Support is that response to inquiries can take up to 48h for our free users, when we guarantee an answer within only 24h for our Premium users.


What is our uptime service policy?

Our uptime policy applies only to our premium members. We usually solve all issues that might occasionally appear within 72 hours.