Troubleshooting in Office 365 ProPlus


Although Office 365 is as powerful instrument with user-friendly interface where the chances to run into a user’s mistake are minimized the problems may still occur. The most common issues are related with installation, licensing and activation. See the instructions what you can do in case you run into any of these issues and how you can manage Office 365 archiving options.

Installation Issues

If you cannot access your Office ProPlus you should verify that you have properly installed the software. To do this open any Office 365 application, then go to File -> Account. Under Product Information you should find “Subscription Product” if this is the version of Office ProPlus you have chosen. If you do not see that phrase you will need to uninstall your Office and reinstall it from the Office 365 portal.

Licensing Issues

If you work with Office 365 then you assign a license per user and grant each employee a personal account. If one of the workers is getting an activation or subscription error, the first thing to do is to check if the user really has an account and he has a license.

Activation Issues

Let’s say that you have created an Office 365 account and even granted a license to a user, but you still have some issues on his computer. Then you should check if the Office365 has been activated for him. Usually activation takes place during installation process. The computer should be connected to the Internet at least once a month so as to maintain Office ProPlus activation. Without activation Office 365 will get to reduced functionality mode where most of the commands become unavailable. The users will see “Product deactivated” message.

To reactivate the license simply sign in and click “reactivate” link at File -> Account -> My account.

Office 365 archiving options

Office 365 is a secure online solution for keeping your data. Still if you run out of space provided by Office you won’t be able to create new files and you will stop receiving new emails. To avoid such trouble you can set up automated Office 365 archiving options with online apps like Upsafe.

Upsafe will help you to sent outdated information to the archive and keep its reserve copy in the cloud. You can sign up for free and test the trial for 30 days.