Advanced Sharepoint Security II

Due to the nature of SharePoint as a collaborative platform, users will sometimes need to share important information to external users. In these cases, the security of that information should be the top priority. In most cases, you should try to block external sharing where possible. Only allow external sharing when there is a legitimate … Continued

Advanced Sharepoint Security I

SharePoint is an increasingly popular platform due to its powerful collaborative capabilities. Many organizations use SharePoint to store, organize, share and access information from any device. Because of its collaborative capabilities, SharePoint faces different security concerns than other platforms. Maintaining SharePoint security must be a collaborative effort between the IT team and the end users … Continued

Top OneDrive Security Feature

OneDrive Personal Vault is a new security layer on top of its OneDrive online file storage service that adds additional security features to keep your files save. The security features ensure that the only way to access these files is with a strong authentication method or two-step verification, which can include a fingerprint or face … Continued

Utilizing Google Drive for Business

Offline Support: While Google Drive is a cloud service, it has an offline mode that let’s you view and edit files without a Wi-Fi connection. Business users will certainly value this tool for situations such as plane travel or for staying in an on-premises environment. For this functionality, you will need to be using the … Continued

OneDrive Security Tips

While OneDrive does provide cloud storage, it doesn’t have cloud backup functionality, a critical distinction that must be made when choosing which information to upload and share. The data is accessible, but not protected. How can businesses ensure they’re mitigating security risks, while also enabling employee access? Below we’ll discuss some of the most significant … Continued

Sharepoint Permissions Management

Security is a real issue when we are discussing SharePoint Management. You know that. No wonder one of the most common mistakes enterprises are facing when dealing with SharePoint is having end users with more access privileges to documents that they should. Planning permissions is a crucial part of every document management system, not only … Continued

Sharepoint Server Security Tips

Last year Microsoft released security hotfixes to remove some vulnerabilities from a SharePoint farm and it is critical SharePoint administrators install these hotfixes immediately in all SharePoint farms. The Microsoft Security Response Center articles provide links to the specific security hotfixes or alternatively, the hotfixes are included in the latest Cumulative Updates (CU) for these … Continued

OneDrive: New Features

Lately, OneDrive for Business has seen incredible growth. As more enterprise users flock to this versatile file sharing platform, Microsoft is rolling out a number of new features that should be welcomed by all. Updated browser experience Microsoft has worked hard to simplify the browser experience for OneDrive users. Users can quickly switch between file … Continued

SharePoint Benefits SMBs

Customisation Staff are able to create and customise pages as needed. It’s designed to be edited by end users, so staff feel like they have control over their digital working environment. They can also design their projects in a way that makes sense to them. The pages are all WYSIWYG – what you see is … Continued

Using OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business with its 1 TB of storage is your personal online storage for the workplace. It is different from OneDrive, which is 5 gigabytes (GB) of online storage from Microsoft that anyone can use for free with an, Hotmail, or account. While a document library in SharePoint is great if you’re … Continued