Utilizing Google Drive for Business

Offline Support: While Google Drive is a cloud service, it has an offline mode that let’s you view and edit files without a Wi-Fi connection. Business users will certainly value this tool for situations such as plane travel or for staying in an on-premises environment. For this functionality, you will need to be using the Google Chrome browser and download the Google Docs Offline web extension.

As this suggests, the offline editing and viewing is limited to Google apps in its G Suite productivity platform. Once enabled, you can access Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files without an internet connection. There are some caveats to consider, such as only being able to access files you have created yourself and have not yet shared.

Furthermore, Google Drive will need to be open in Chrome before the internet connection is lost.

Sharing to Groups: Sharing files is a big part of the Google Drive package, making it easy for users to pass documents to each other. Organizations typically need to move files to a larger pool of recipients than a single person and Drive allows them to do that. Instead of entering each person’s contact information individually, files can be shared through a Google Group.

In a similar fashion, more than one file can be shared with an individual or group. To do this, simply move the files you want to share into a single folder and share the whole folder.

App Integrations: Google Drive interacts well with third-party apps and services. For example, if you want to share a document for collaboration from another program, Drive can automatically convert the file into a Google Docs friendly format. To do this, head to the Filemenu and select Open withto see a list of recommended programs to open the file with.

Collaboration: One reason to collaborate across a single file is being able to correct mistakes someone else may have made. Google Drive makes this easy as it saves every single update made on a file up to 30 days or 100 revisions. You realize after the fact that you made a mistake, simple head back and revert to an older version of the file. (source)

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