OneDrive: New Features

Lately, OneDrive for Business has seen incredible growth. As more enterprise users flock to this versatile file sharing platform, Microsoft is rolling out a number of new features that should be welcomed by all.

Updated browser experience
Microsoft has worked hard to simplify the browser experience for OneDrive users. Users can quickly switch between file and preview tiles to help identify key files. All key file functions are easily located on the sidebar or by simply right clicking on the file itself.

Increased mobile productivity
Significant strides have also been made with both the Android and iOS mobile apps. Users of the Android app can now access files offline. Easily flag one or more files to be accessed offline ensuring access to your important files from any location, regardless of internet connectivity.

Security improvements
Not only is Microsoft focused on rolling out new OneDrive for Business features, but also on protecting your IT infrastructure. With OneDrive, IT staff can now have greater control of all corporate data through new tools for managing how files move outside the company, including limiting which users are able to share files externally.

Improved sharing
It was always possible to share files with others both inside and outside of your organization, but with recent updates to OneDrive for Business the process is much more streamlined. Microsoft has added additional controls such as letting people who you’ve shared files with invite others within your organization to view the file or folder as well as allowing you to set an expiration date on a sharing link.

New opportunities for developers
Microsoft is very open about wanting developers to be able to integrate applications with OneDrive. Microsoft recently announced they were working on preview support for OneDrive for Business in their Unified API. The latest updates to OneDrive have made this functionality available.

Improved syncing
Microsoft has just released a preview of their next generation sync client for organizations dubbed NGSC. This new client is available for both PC and Mac and offers improved reliability along with support for selective sync, removal of the 20,000 file sync limit and increased support for files up to 10GB in size. For IT staff, Microsoft also added the ability to silently install and configure the client on behalf of your user accounts. (source)

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