Top 4 tips for Office 365 education


Much has already been said in this blog regarding Office 365 tips. In this article I would like to pay more attention to Office 365 for students and teachers and also say some words in regards with Office 365 security settings. The cloud technologies may be quite useful for education process organization if you know how … Continued

Office 365 deployment: hybrid options


Office 365 allows you to use a pure cloud environment or integrate cloud services with your local data. While you perform Office 365 deployment you can migrate some users to the cloud and keep others on-premises. The best thing is that your workers most likely will never see the difference. MS Office is the only … Continued

How to Remove an Office 365 custom domain


In one of the previous articles I have already described how to add Office 365 custom domain. Today’s article will be about the opposite action: how to delete a custom domain from Office365 when you no longer want to associate your account with this domain name. See the checklist below. Before you delete a domain name … Continued

Office 365 security risks


We have already discussed different security issues you can come across if you use Office 365 in your daily work.  You Office 365 security can be dilapidated by a revengeful employee, or due to Office 365 service error, or due to Office 365 migration errors, or some of your employees can simply give access to … Continued

Three issues to solve when you work on Office documents in the web


Technology does not stand still, it is constantly evolving and increasing productivity. So when you come across some issues that prevent you from normal collaborating you should ask yourself what went wrong. When small and midsized companies decide to go to the cloud they usually choose between Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 for business. … Continued

Sharing contacts in Office 365


Shared contacts in Office365 are the people who do not belong to your company but who can take place in your organization’s address book. These shared contacts haven’t got and address in your company’s mailbox. Their email addresses may belong to other companies or even be public. But we regularly have to interact with all … Continued

Office 365: helping disabled people to study

What was studying at school like in the past? Dig deeper into your memory and try to remember. A teacher explains the material writing something at the blackboard. Students take notes, read paper books. When it comes to testing their knowledge the teacher spreads the quiz sheets among the students. Finally children fill in their … Continued

The strategic aspects of your Office 365 cloud data security


When implementing Office 365 cloud technologies, security engineers have to look thoroughly through every aspect of the email security strategies to make sure that they provide the strongest protection imaginable. If you rely on the basic level of security provided by Microsoft your cloud data may be at a very big risk. It may be … Continued

Reducing Office 365 availability risks


With on-premises messaging software like Exchange and Outlook you have got used to convenient planning and implementing high level of availability and security. You might have even implemented local backup of your mailbox with third-party desktop apps. But now with all these new modern technologies you have at last decided to move all your data … Continued

What the downtime of Office 365 email can cost you


How often do your use corporate Office 365 email in your everyday life? How many emails do you receive a day? Office 365 mailbox is a very important instrument for every company that has implemented Office 365 cloud technologies. Being one of the strongest cloud service provider in the market Microsoft has built a great … Continued