Sharing contacts in Office 365


Shared contacts in Office365 are the people who do not belong to your company but who can take place in your organization’s address book. These shared contacts haven’t got and address in your company’s mailbox. Their email addresses may belong to other companies or even be public.

But we regularly have to interact with all these people. Today your administrator talks to Mr.Steve from Company A, tomorrow your product manager may have a need to contact with him as well. How to share contacts in Office 365 in the most convenient way?

The good news for you. If you use Office365 in your work you can create a shared address book and share the contacts with all your colleagues. You can share such information as email addresses, person’s details ( title, department, or manager) and phone numbers. Sharing contacts can make your work much more efficient.

How to create a new shared contact in Office365

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your work account.
  2. Select the app launcher and then select
  3. Under Users and groups choose Add users -> reset passwords -> more.
  4. On the Users and groups page, choose Contacts -> Add new.
  5. On the Add a shared contact page write the following information:
    • Name – it would be a unique ID for this contact. In the address book it will be places on the To: and From: lines in email. This is a required field. Also you can enter the first and last name.
    • Email address – this is a required field, too.
    • Company, Web page address, and Office phone – these fields are not rewuired, but this info will be additionally displayed in the contact.

You can always edit your existing contacts. But do not forget to back up your Office 365 shared contacts to make sure none of those you share them with will ever disrupt this data.