What the downtime of Office 365 email can cost you


How often do your use corporate Office 365 email in your everyday life? How many emails do you receive a day? Office 365 mailbox is a very important instrument for every company that has implemented Office 365 cloud technologies. Being one of the strongest cloud service provider in the market Microsoft has built a great level of protection against hackers’ attack and service errors. But no one is perfect and even Online Office experiences downtimes.

So what can Office365 downtime cost you? See the article.

Reduce employees productivity

Usually Office 365 users spend about 2 hours a day working with emails. If they experience the mailbox downtime they just won’t be able to work properly and their productivity will decrease significantly.

If there are 100 and more employees in your company just think how much money you can lose even if the downtime will last no longer that 30 minutes.

IT failure

In case of unplanned downtime IT personnel have to stop doing other work and focus on the email emergency at hand instead, delaying other activities.

So instead of working on some tasks that will increase your profits your IT staff will just deal with bringing your mailbpx back to life.

Data security risks

When the corporate mailbox is unavailable, employees tend to look for alternate ways to send their emails, such as Webmail systems, Dropbox or various end-user file-sharing tools. Such tools are just fine for personal use but which does not bear the value that the corporate data does. But using them for sending company’s data is an unnecessary risk.

Other consequences

There are some more other effects from Office 365 email downtime that are difficult to estimate, but no less real. It may cause the loss of corporate reputation, because if a potentially good client receives a bounce-back email he may never ever want to work with this company anymore. If you cannot answer your clients’ emails in time this may lead to a real loss of revenue in the long run.

The solution is easier than you think. To be always able to have access to your Outlook mailbox you should regularly back up Office 365 to some alternative cloud with applications like Upsafe.