The strategic aspects of your Office 365 cloud data security


When implementing Office 365 cloud technologies, security engineers have to look thoroughly through every aspect of the email security strategies to make sure that they provide the strongest protection imaginable.

If you rely on the basic level of security provided by Microsoft your cloud data may be at a very big risk. It may be lost due to a service error or to a user’s mistake. No matter the reason the data would be lost and you would have to retrieve it somehow.

See the list of the factors you have to overview in order to refresh your Outlook security strategy.

Security in the Cloud

Cloud technologies are an inevitability that each business just has to submit to. The advantages of the cloud solutions in comparison to the on-premises applications is undeniable. The ability to access your data from any place anywhere significantly increases businesses’ mobility.

The cloud vendors, especially Office 365, spend tons of money to enhance their users’ data security. The chance to lose your data due to a hacker’s attack are negligible. But still the cloud solutions create new dangers. With a high level of collaboration that Office 365 provides you with the risk to lose your data due to a user’s error are increased many times.

New threats

As I have already mentioned, your Office 365 data is well protected against hackers. But these evildoers are learning the new ways to come around the Office365 protection and gain domination over IT security.

Outlook email in particular has seen a dramatic move towards spear-phishing, as traditional ways of data protection now can only protect you against the former risks but not the newest ones.

That’s why new security technologies must be implemented together with those already in place, in order to provide the deep defence that covers all potential ways that hackers can use to steal your data.

Security training

As users turn away from classic IT tools and implement cloud technologies, the IT security engineer should increase workers’ awareness of the outside dangers. Regular security lessons should take place in any company. The users should be explained and reminded never to share the company’s private data  with outsiders and never to delete the files they collaborate on.

Third-party backup tools

Along with training their employees the security engineers should take additional precautions, because no human is perfect and human error can happen at any time. And data will be lost. The only way that can give 100% guarantee for your cloud data security is implementing third-party Office 365 backup tools that will keep the reserve copies of your data in another cloud.