Office 365 security risks


We have already discussed different security issues you can come across if you use Office 365 in your daily work.  You Office 365 security can be dilapidated by a revengeful employee, or due to Office 365 service error, or due to Office 365 migration errors, or some of your employees can simply give access to villainous outsiders.

The risks to your data are aplenty, then why should you ever move to the cloud? Have no fear. If you plan to migrate all your data to Office365 you have made the right choice as it is the safest cloud system imaginable.

Office 365 being the world’s biggest software provider spends tons of money every year to ensure its users’ security. All their data centers and platforms match all the strict data security standards. And no other company can build up the tenth part of that level of data protection on-premises. But remember that even the safest panzers fail to protect people who drive them if people don’t follow the rules of safety themselves. So you should give your soldiers some basic training before you let them drive.

If you still can’t convince your managers to switch to the cloud computing technologies set up a training session with them and show them all the advantages of Office 365 platform:

  • Physical data security: you don’t have to monitor your servers 24 hours a day, no need to set up multi-factor authentication and biometric scanning for data access. Just think how much it would cost you to build it all up on your own!
  • Virtual data security: built-in encryption techniques and data integrity detection services.
  • Granular administrator permissions: make admins out of some users who are responsible for data security and let them manage your company’s data.

But keep in mind that still no instrument is perfect enough and it is always good to backup your Office 365 cloud data and keep the reserve copies somewhere else. Remember to set up additional third-party applications like Upsafe for this purpose.