Top 4 tips for Office 365 education


Much has already been said in this blog regarding Office 365 tips. In this article I would like to pay more attention to Office 365 for students and teachers and also say some words in regards with Office 365 security settings.

The cloud technologies may be quite useful for education process organization if you know how to use the tool. Office 365 being the MS Office on-premises app’s inheritor is constantly developing the software and implementing new features making it all easier to use. Moreover Office 365 is absolutely free for students what makes it the most desirable tool for education.

Tip #1. Office 365 collaborative editing.

Never before it has been so easy to work together on one project than it is now. With Office 365 online document sharing and collaboration has become as easy as breathing. It is really important for teachers and their students to be able to work together on one project in the classroom and at home. Office 365 web apps allow everyone to do that. The only thing you need is the Internet connection.

Tip #2. Office 365 online excel surveys.

Weekly and monthly surveys is a common practice in schools and universities. How else can a teacher see how well the material has been understood. Office 365 Excel allows you to create the surveys online with many different answer types: yes/no, multiple choice, put-in text, date, etc. and to collect the answers automatically. You can share the survey with your students or other teachers.

Forget about printing hundreds of papers each month for analyzing students’ knowledge. Now everything is done online with Office365.

Tip #3. Multiple calendar views in Office 365

With Office 365 online app you can view many calendars on one screen. This can be really useful for teachers when they plan tutorials, quizzes, meetings and other events. You can put many people’s calendars together and see then you have a common hour for free to arrange something.

Some of the Microsoft partners have even developed solutions for scheduling school timetable that is available for you anywhere.

Tip #4. Office 365 security settings

If you share some of your cloud data with the others you can give them permissions to change the events and documents. And this may lead to the online data loss. Pay specific attention to your Office 365 security settings. Make sure that you always backup Office 365 with additional applications like Upsafe. Only in this case you can be absolutely sure that you will never lose your data.