Office 365: helping disabled people to study

What was studying at school like in the past? Dig deeper into your memory and try to remember. A teacher explains the material writing something at the blackboard. Students take notes, read paper books. When it comes to testing their knowledge the teacher spreads the quiz sheets among the students. Finally children fill in their exam papers, the teacher checks the answers and sets the grades.

But what if some of the students have disabilities that disallow them to fully participate the studying process? Is going to a special school the only chance for them to get into the adult life?

Modern cloud technologies have made it possible for disabled people to study with others on a par. Of course, you do not have to reject reading or writing as it has always been and will always remain the core tools of education. But you can make it all in a digital way and allow disabled people work together with the others.

For example, for blind people visual readers can be a great tool. Screen readers simply pronounce what is written on the page and describe additional visual information like pictures in words.

Office365 has the features that allow disabled people to get access to the visual information like documents and presentations.

If you know that your document will be read by a blind person you can prepare it for his usage beforehand. You can write an alternative text for images, tables and other visual elements that will contain a thorough description of their content.


When you transform your online word document into the pdf format you can transfer all these features too. For instance you can export alternative text for all the visual elements.


After you create Office 365 online documents with all these features for disabled people make sure that you have provided a reserve copy of the information and backed up your Office365 account with third-party applications like Upsafe never to lose a bit of information due to a user’s or the service’s error.