Office 365 admin center

Office 365 is a great online collaboration tool. If you are an IT administrator in your company and you have decided to select Office 365 as your mail tool, you have made the right choice. Check this article to learn about Office 365 admin center capabilities and also how to enhance your online data security and to perform Office 365 email backup.


This is the main page of your Office 365 admin Center. Here you can find the quick links to your everyday tasks: you can add users, check your billing, check your service health and set up the app for new users. Also here you can see the new messages and find the link to the help center.


An Office 365 administrator can perform either basic or extended set up within his organization. With the basic type of setup you can manually perform the following actions: create users set up the online app and the mailbox. The extended type allows you to automatically check your configuration settings,migrate emails from other types of environments and set up data synchronization.

Users and contacts

Create, edit or delete users within your organization. You can give them granular permissions to different types of data, assign Office 365 licenses to them and set up new passwords. Each user can also have a contact, like name, phone number, company email address, etc. You can also share these contacts with other users in your company that you line

Groups and shared mailboxes

You can create groups for your company. You can give different users specific access to certain types of groups and then allow these groups to have access to different types of data. You can create the shared mailboxes for specific groups as well. Then the users in these groups will be able to check these mailboxes and send the emails

Office 365 email backup

If you allow your users to share emails within specific groups you may also give them access to edit and delete different pieces of data. Of course, this is a very handy tool for collaboration, but it also has its downturns. The shared mailboxes are less secure.If a user delete an email, this email will still be found in the trash folder, but it will not be kept there forever. To be 100% sure of your cloud data security you should perform Office 365 email backup with third-party applications like Upsafe.

Upsafe allows you to back up your Outlook emails to another cloud automatically. Just sign up using your Office 365 admin account and enjoy the enhanced security of your cloud data.