How to use Office 365 shared mailbox

Move a shared mailbox in Office 365 is a very convenient to that allows a group of people to send emails from a common account, such as If you reply to an email sent to the shared Office 365 mailbox your email looks as if it was sent from the shared email account, not from you. But although the collaboration is good, it decreases the security of your corporate Office 365 account. The more people share the same data online, the less is its security. Luckily, the security can be enhanced if you regularly do Office 365 mailbox backup. In this article I would like to tell you about the positive and the negative sides of the shared mailboxes in Office 365. Once they are granted such permissions, they just simply log into their Outlook account and add that shared mailbox to their profile.

What is a shared mailbox

A shared mailbox is not assigned to any user and you do not need a password to have access to it. The users cannot log into such type of a mailbox directly.

To have access to the mailbox the users must be granted Send As your Full Access permissions to the mailbox

When the shared mailbox can be beneficial

  • The shared mailbox is usually set up under a generic email address,that your clients use to make the initial contact.
  • It makes it easier to monitor the emails within different departments of the company.
  • It allows different users to read and respond to the emails sent to this specific email address, for example, to the sales department.
  • Also that shared mailbox can provide you with a common calendar, so that your employees would be able to see each other’s vacation and schedule their co-working accordingly.

Office 365 mailbox backup

When different people share the same piece of the data online, this data’s security diminishes. Your colleagues can accidentally or on purpose delete the data that you may still need without informing you. Of course you will still be able to find this data in the trash, but it will not be kept there forever comma so the chances of losing your data are really high.

However, if you perform Office 365 mailbox backup and keep the reserve copies of your emails in another cloud the chances of losing your data become negligible. Upsafe Office 365 backup allows you to do it automatically. Sign up using your Corporate Office 365 account and enjoy the enhanced security of your cloud data.