Top 5 tips how to use Office 365 for education

Office 365 is a very good tool for teachers and students. If you use this online app while studying you might have already learned some of its features. In today’s article I would like to review some of the handy features that are available in Office 365, such as collaboration and Office 365 secure email.

1. Blogging

Office 365 provide you with a cool blogging platform. Your students can write their own articles into their blogs and you can monitor how will they know the subject.

Also the blogs in Office 365 are totally customizable. So students can set up their own design and make their blogs look exactly the way they want them to.

2. Collaboration in Office 365 documents

You can share your documents with your students online. You can publish open use that you want to there so  as to let everybody know what’s going on in your class.

You can also allow your students edit the documents you share with them so that they may let you know their thoughts.

3. Surveys

Going to the cloud provide you with lots of smart features which were unavailable in the era of “ paper” technologies.  Previously  teachers had to type the questions for surveys and then spread the papers among the students or just write the tasks on the blackboard. No you do not need to work hard over the paper routine. With Office 365 all you have to do is to create a survey and share the link with your students. Once they complete these surveys and send the answers to you you will be able to check their work within one platform.

4. Online calendar

Office 365 online calendar can be useful for you as a teacher to share the dates of exams and surveys with your students. You can also share it with other teachers and let them know when you are busy so that they could adjust their schedule accordingly.

5.  Office 365 secure email

Office 365 takes much care of its servers security.  You can totally rely on Office 365 secure email system when you exchange the emails with your students.

But it is never excessive to take additional precautions. If you back up your mailbox to another cloud with applications like Upsafe Office 365 backup tool you will always have a reserve copy of your emails and never worry that you may lose your data.