Office 365 admin center

Office 365 is a great online collaboration tool. If you are an IT administrator in your company and you have decided to select Office 365 as your mail tool, you have made the right choice. Check this article to learn about Office 365 admin center capabilities and also how to enhance your online data security … Continued

How to use Office 365 shared mailbox

Move a shared mailbox in Office 365 is a very convenient to that allows a group of people to send emails from a common account, such as If you reply to an email sent to the shared Office 365 mailbox your email looks as if it was sent from the shared email account, not … Continued

Top 5 tips how to use Office 365 for education

Office 365 is a very good tool for teachers and students. If you use this online app while studying you might have already learned some of its features. In today’s article I would like to review some of the handy features that are available in Office 365, such as collaboration and Office 365 secure email. … Continued

5 awesome tools in Office 365: archive, collaboration, messaging


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Use Office365 for education: new features and Office365 backup

Microsoft Launches Office 2013 In New York's Bryant Park

Office 365 being the inheritor of the on-premises MS Office software can prove to be very useful for students and teachers all over the world. If you are already familiar with the desktop software learning to use the cloud version would be very easy for you. New conveniences bring forward new security issues and it is … Continued

4 tips for teachers who use Office 365 for schools


In one of the previous articles I have already studied what tools are provided by Office 365 for students and teachers. Here are 4 more awesome cloud features that will take your studying process to the new level. I’d like to pay specific attention to archiving Office 365 as it is closely related to your online … Continued