Use Office365 for education: new features and Office365 backup

Microsoft Launches Office 2013 In New York's Bryant Park

Office 365 being the inheritor of the on-premises MS Office software can prove to be very useful for students and teachers all over the world. If you are already familiar with the desktop software learning to use the cloud version would be very easy for you. New conveniences bring forward new security issues and it is never excess to perform Office365 backup.

See the top benefits that you can get from Office 365 and how you can backup your Office365 user.

Office 365 collaboration

With Office 365 SharePoint services you can create your internal team website where you can communicate with your students and colleagues, post documents, make announcements and carry out surveys.

You can encourage your students to share their ideas using Office 365 Sharepoint blogging platform.

Locate the resources and communicate with your students and other teachers using Sharepoint learning platform in real time.


Stay in touch using Office 365

Communicate with your team by emails using Outlook web app. It automatically synchronizes with your mailbox and lets you send emails in bulk.

Schedule your meetings using Office 365 Calendar. Invite other people to view or even edit your events. Let everyone know when you are available.

If you have administrator rights you can create a shared mailbox for a particular project and let every member of your group receive these emails.

Office 365 instant messenger will help you to set up quick polls and Q&A sessions with your students. Get the feedback from your class on the way you perform your lectures.

Enhance your Office 365 security by performing Office365 backup

If you have administrator rights constantly monitor what files are shared with whom. Make sure that no external guests are invited to edit your online documents.

Regularly perform Office365 backup with applications like Upsafe.