Office 365 Sharepoint backup: enhance your collaboration security with UpSafe

SharePoint is an awesome tool that allows you to collaborate with your colleagues. You can create your own websites and allow others to work with them to share the news and the updates. However, collaboration has its own downturns. If you give other people access to your data it may become a huge security breach, because your colleagues can accidentally or on purpose delete something that you still need – use SharePoint backup to prevent this.

But now you can back up SharePoint to another cloud with UpSafe and forget all these worries.

Follow the guide below to test this new feature.

Perform Office 365 SharePoint backup with UpSafe

  1. Sign in for UpSafe Office 365 Cloud backup using your Office 365 corporate admin account.
  2. At the dashboard click on the “Sign in as an admin” button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Allow the app to have access to your account.
  4. Select the “Sites beta” option in the top menu.
  5. Click “Backup  now” button. The backup process will start automatically.
  6. Once the backup is complete you will see all your websites in UpSafe account.
  7. To restore a whole site, a folder or a single item you need to select it, then click “Restore” and select “Restore selected item” from the drop-down menu.
  8. When the restore process is complete you will find this item in your Office 365 account.

Please, note, that we do not affect your websites in any way, we only transfer their copies.