Google TeamDrives Backup: Best Practices


Companies, using G Suite as their primary collaboration tool frequently use Google TeamDrives and My Drive for file storage. Obviously, TeamDrives is truly the cooperation tool, offering the access and cooperation by multiple users, unlike My Drive. This distinction between who controls files on My Drive and Google TeamDrives has important implications for file management. … Continued

GDPR-Compliant G Suite Backup


GDPR is already in power in a month and it is high time make sure you use a GDPR-compliant G Suite backup. From article 32 of GDPR derives the need to use a GDPR-compliant backup to have “the ability to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services” and “the … Continued

How to archive all Gmail

If you’ve been using your corporate Gmail account for a while already you may run out of space provided by Google. Once this happens you won’t be able to create new documents and receive new emails from your customers which may be a huge problem. Archiving Gmail may be a good solution for this issue. … Continued

How to narrow your search in Gmail inbox


If you receive tons of emails everyday it may become a real problem to find some specific piece of data in your Google mailbox. Even if you remember a certain phrase that was mentioned in the email you need you may not be able to easily find it because Gmail displays all the emails that … Continued

Gmail: how to send emails from a different address


If you are not new to the Internet industry I guess that you should already have many different online accounts with different email services, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. Sometimes when people move to Gmail they may still want to send emails using their old address for some reasons. It may be the case … Continued

How to set up a good company Gmail signature


Email signature is a very important aspect in your corporate mailbox. It is the first thing that people notice under your emails. It can help you to develop your brand recognizability and improve your first impression. So how to set up a really good signature in Gmail? Click on the gear icon in the top … Continued