Gmail: how to send emails from a different address


If you are not new to the Internet industry I guess that you should already have many different online accounts with different email services, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

Sometimes when people move to Gmail they may still want to send emails using their old address for some reasons. It may be the case when a person wants to use both his personal and work Google accounts without having to be logged into both of them at the same time with multiple browser tabs and other inconveniences. Or, alternatively, a person just can’t let go his old address because he keeps some important information there which he can’t or don’t want to migrate to his Google Gmail account.

Whichever the reason, if it sounds familiar to you, see some guides how you can send emails from a different account in Gmail in the article below.

Ste 1. In your Gmail account click on the gear icon in the top right corner and choose Settings:


Ste 2. Go to Accounts tab:

Step 3. Click “Add another email address you own”.


Step 4. In the pop-up window type your second address.

If you check the “Treat as an alias” checkbox the emails you will send to your second address will appear as unread in your Gmail Inbox and in your Sent emails, too.


Step 5.

Send verification to the second address and then just verify it by clicking on the link you receive.

Now you will be able to choose what email you want to send information from when you compose a new letter.

Always remember about your Gmail security and regularly backup Gmail account with applications like Upsafe. Only when you backup Gmail emails, you can be sure that you will never lose any data due to a service error or a hacker’s attack.