How to add an image from Google Drive to your Gmail signature


Gmail offers you a nice feature of adding a signature to every email you write. Moreover, you can even put in the logo of your company there. In this article I am going to tell you how to set up an image to your Gmail signatuare and also how to retrieve deleted Gmail emails. Previously (before … Continued

Gmail account security: malware prevention


An effective malware attack can be really disastrous for any company, because your account can be compromised, your secret data stolen and even your network can be crushed. Google takes care of all these threats and treats all these dangers quite seriously. Google uses different methods to protect their customers’ data and enhance Gmail account … Continued

How to Set up Priority Inbox in Gmail


If you receive tons of emails every day, just like me, you should better learn how to sort them all out so as not to lose the emails that are really important to you among others. I have recently discovered this nice Gmail feature that allows you to bring some order into your inbox. Another … Continued

How to activate Gmail canned response

If you send similar emails to different people everyday you can significantly save your time by switching on the Gmail canned response feature. It helps you to save some text as a canned response and paste it anywhere you need in the emails without this time and nerve-consuming search-copy-paste procedure.

How to undo the send messages in Gmail

How-to-undo-the -end-messages-in-Gmail-1

Sometimes we accidentally send messages to people we were not initially intending to send them to. Or we just mix things up and send emails to the wrong people. Or we forget to say something really important. So what can we do in such a situation? How to get the email back before the recipient reads … Continued

How to set up a vacation auto reply email in Gmail


Out of office? Even out of town on the vacation? Make sure you set up an auto reply email so as not to make your clients or collaborators nervous with your long silence. Google mail allows you to set up a cool vacation auto-responder that does the job extremely well. You can set up these … Continued

How to mute Gmail email in a conversation with many recipients

Gmail-how-to-mute-yourself-in-conversation-with many-recipients

The Reply All button can be quite a useful thing when you communicate with a group of colleagues, all at the same time. But it can also become a headache when your part in the conversation is over and the emails still come to your Google mailbox polluting and abusing your mind and inbox. You can … Continued