Gmail account security: malware prevention


An effective malware attack can be really disastrous for any company, because your account can be compromised, your secret data stolen and even your network can be crushed. Google takes care of all these threats and treats all these dangers quite seriously. Google uses different methods to protect their customers’ data and enhance Gmail account security. In today’s article we are going to talk about methods that Google uses to protect their customers from virus penetration.

Google protects tens of millions of people every day. It show warnings to its users in different web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari when they try to open contaminated websites that could steal their personal information or install villain software designed to destroy their computers.

Such contaminated websites or email attachments install evil software on users’ computers to steal private data, perform identity theft, or attack other machines. When users visit these sites, they would never be able to guess that malicious software has been installed.

Google’s anti-virus strategy starts with infection prevention by using manual and automated scanners to set up Google’s own search index for websites that can potentially bear some threat to the users. There are about 1 billion of people around the world that regularly use Google’s Safe Browsing. Google’s Safe Browsing technology scans billions of links every day searching for unsafe websites. Every day Google finds thousands of new unreliable sites. Many of these sites are absolutely legal but they can be compromised. When Google sees unsafe sites, it displays warnings on Google Search and in web browsers.

In addition to this Safe Browsing solution, Google operates VirusTotal. It is a free online service that scans files and links to see if they bear any viruses, worms, trojans and other kinds of malicious content. VirusTotal’s purpose is to help to improve the antivirus and security industry and make the Internet a more secure place.

Unfortunately no system is perfect and due to a user’s mistake or simple curiosity his account may be infected and his cloud data may be lost. To prevent your employees from losing their Google Apps data you can do regular Google Apps backup with such applications like Upsafe.