How to undo the send messages in Gmail

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Sometimes we accidentally send messages to people we were not initially intending to send them to. Or we just mix things up and send emails to the wrong people. Or we forget to say something really important. So what can we do in such a situation? How to get the email back before the recipient reads it? How to undo send in Gmail?

Gmail offers you a magic feature that helps you to go back in time and undo the send message.

Step-by-step instruction: how to undo send in Gmail

First you need to activate this option in the Settings:


Scroll down to “Undo Send” part. Set up the cancellation period. You are limited by 30 seconds.

Now after you send any email to anybody you will see the Undo link at the top of the page:


How to backup Gmail

Another security issue that you may come across using Gmail is the lack of space. Google provides you only with 15Gb of free space, both for Gmail emails and for Google Drive files. If you exceed this amount you will simply stop receiving new emails. If Gmail is your main instrument in your daily work that may be a huge risk.

If you have tons of emails in your mailbox it would be a huge problem to sort them all out and purge only those that have no importance to you. So the best way to solve this problem is to regularly backup Gmail with third-party applications like Upsafe. That will allow you to have reserve copies of your emails in another cloud and to delete the ones in your main mailbox. Just sign up with your corporate Gmail account and try the 30-days free trial.