How to mute Gmail email in a conversation with many recipients

Gmail-how-to-mute-yourself-in-conversation-with many-recipients

The Reply All button can be quite a useful thing when you communicate with a group of colleagues, all at the same time. But it can also become a headache when your part in the conversation is over and the emails still come to your Google mailbox polluting and abusing your mind and inbox. You can delete these messages every time they appear but it wouldn’t fix it up. But there is another way which is far more easy. You can mute Gmail emails in such a conversation with just a couple of clicks. See the insrtuctions how you can do this below.

For Gmail users there is a smart option that allows you to mute the annoying messages without the long chain of filtering actions. You do not need to create a special filter for such kind of messages and you do not have to delete the thread (what if you need it again?).

Open the email thread that you want to mute. Simply click the “More” button and select the Mute from the drop-down menu:


The email will be deleted from your inbox and all the replies will be taken away.

But don’t be afraid to loose this thread. If someone from the group emails you directly you will see the message in your mailbox again. The muted emails do not go away forever. If you ever want to take a look at those emails you can go to the All Mail section of Gmail and find them all there safe and sound.

Backup Gmail

Muting yourself in a Gmail conversation will not delete this email thread. But you can delete it yourself accidentally.

Gmail trash keeps the emails only for 30 days and after that it simply deletes them. To make sure your corporate Gmail is secure regularly backup Gmail with applications like Upsafe.