Upsafe Google Account, Google Apps and Office 365 backup new feature: archiving

how to archive gmail

We are constantly developing our software. We have recently added new feature that some of you have asked us for, it’s email archiving. Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to archive Gmail and office 365 emails with Upsafe backup tool.

How to archive Gmail and Office 365 Outlook emails: step-by-step instruction

Log into your Google account cloud backupGoogle Apps cloud backup or Office 365 cloud backup.

Open “Mail” tab.

Click the “Archive options” link in the top right corner.


Check the checkbox “Enable archive” and the set up the rules for archiving. You can archive the emails that contain specific words in the subject or are sent to or from specific email address. Also you can set up the age and the size of the emails. You can even send to the archive whole folders. And this is the best way how to archive Gmail.

gmail-archive-2-previewAfter saving filters, the software will automatically archive messages according to the filters until archive settings are not disabled.

Remember that you can only back up and archive 5 Gb of your Gmail and Outlook inbox with Upsafe for free. If you exceed this amount the app will not work.

With Upsafe Google Apps you have no space limitations, but the free trial is only 30 days.

To be able to backup and archive as much data as you like switch to the premium account which is only $2 per user per month. To switch to Premium just click “Switch to full version” button at the Dashboard.