Office 365 Data Recovery


When it comes to Office 365 data recovery and cloud-based applications in general, there can be confusion over how backup works. And because O365 operates within the cloud, it’s easy to assume it’s already backed up; isn’t that what the cloud is all about? That’s a common misconception. The cloud does not free your organization … Continued

UpSafe G Suite Backup in Education

St. Andrew’s is an independent, co-ed, all-boarding, Episcopal high school. We stand today as a community dedicated to tying education to a public purpose. We work to awaken our students to the responsibilities we share for our world. We seek engagement, inquiry and creativity to promote future generations of thoughtful, compassionate and intelligent leaders. St. … Continued

Office 365 Backup. Threats. Part II


This week we’ll continue looking at the possible threats to Office 365 a.k.a. reasons to use Office 365 backup to protect your most valuable data. Last week we touched upon the actual threats for the data to disappear without Office 365 backup: hacker attacks, expiration and human factor. Today we’ll cover some key advantages of … Continued

Office 365 Backup: Threats. Part I.


Office 365 backup as a topic in general has emerged recently, because of many companies’ use of this agile and extremely capable collaboration network. Although, great opportunities bring great risks: keeping all of your data, including even the most valuable one, in one place is a threat as such, and the fact that it’s “in … Continued

UpDates. Vol VI, November 2018


Here’s the 6th entry of our monthly digest. UpSafe has done a lot of improvements into our Office 365 Backup and G Suite Backup systems in September. Here are some of the most significant things we managed to improve during the last month: We have implemented new Monthly discount range for the Office365/GSuite backups for … Continued

UpSafe Office 365 Backup with GDPR compliance.


Office 365 backup has lately become an inevitable part of any company’s route to 100% GDPR compliance. UpSafe Office 365 backup is a perfect tool to protect your company’s data and meet the regulation’s requirements for 5 major reasons: Easy-to-Manage Data Retention Policies Article 6 of GDRP requires a strategic plan for storing data about … Continued

5 awesome tools in Office 365: archive, collaboration, messaging


If you use Office 365 as your main tool at work every day you must have already learned lots of hints and tricks that make your daily work so much easier. You may use instant messaging, collaborate with your colleagues on the documents online and set up Office 365 archive for the files that are … Continued

The benefits of Office 365 email archiving


There are many companies that are regulated by government and have some form of retention requirements. Moreover, these companies may get into civil litigation or they may be asked for some 5 or 6-year old emails by the audit structures. With all these requirements it is obvious that it is better to perform Office 365 email … Continued

The questions you should ask yourself when adopting Office 365. Part 2


In the previous article we have already listed the questions you should ask yourself if you have implemented Office 365 cloud technologies in your company. But that list is far from full. Here are some more issues you may come across if you do not use any third-party for archiving in Office 365.

The questions you should ask yourself when adopting Office 365. Part 1


Adoption of cloud technologies like Office 365 will continue, there’s no doubt. As the amount of cloud data grows the companies that use Microsoft Office online also need some additional tools to archive and backup their cloud data. See the checklist of the issues you may come across if you do not use any third-party … Continued