Office 365 Backup: Threats. Part I.


Office 365 backup as a topic in general has emerged recently, because of many companies’ use of this agile and extremely capable collaboration network. Although, great opportunities bring great risks: keeping all of your data, including even the most valuable one, in one place is a threat as such, and the fact that it’s “in the cloud” makes the perspectives even darker. In this article I’d like to go through the most common threats, more or less answering the question “why do we need Office 365 backup at all?”.

Human Factor

Office 365 is an awesome tool that lets co-workers edit the same document simultaneously or look through the updates to workloads in real time, from any platform. Sadly, the co-working environment also makes it easy for documents to be accidentally erased. It’s not that SaaS apps like Office 365 don’t want to protect organizations from such losses, it’s that the inherent structure of their agreements with clients means they have no way of knowing if the action was purposeful or not. Therefore, they are obligated to carry out all user requests.


Given how valuable their cloud data, organizations must take extra efforts to protect it from outside invaders, as well as insiders who may maliciously alter or permanently delete business-critical data. With the help of third-party backup and recovery, organizations can be sure that whatever data is lost due to malicious activities or disgruntled employees isn’t gone forever.


While Office 365 has methods to preserve deleted files, emails or entire mailboxes, the data may only be retained temporarily depending on the policies applied to the data, and may not be easily recoverable, making third-barty Office 365 backup even more relevant. Data is not always recoverable after this period has expired, which might come as a shock to the 95 percent of organizations that believe their SaaS provider can and will easily restore their lost data. Having third-party backup and recovery capabilities is the only way organizations can ensure they are fully protected against data loss should this retention period run out.


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