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When it comes to Office 365 data recovery and cloud-based applications in general, there can be confusion over how backup works. And because O365 operates within the cloud, it’s easy to assume it’s already backed up; isn’t that what the cloud is all about? That’s a common misconception. The cloud does not free your organization from all data maintenance, and that includes backups.

Equipment fails, humans make errors, hackers are always looking to exploit your weaknesses, and Mother Nature can wreak havoc. And while Microsoft has got you covered for some data protection, you’re not completely off the hook; there are responsibilities on your end too. Microsoft itself even acknowledges this on their site: “With Office 365, it’s your data. You own it. You control it.” Armed with this knowledge, let’s look at four ways data can be lost in the cloud forever without proper backup for Office 365 data recovery. (source)

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