Office 365 Backup. Threats. Part II


This week we’ll continue looking at the possible threats to Office 365 a.k.a. reasons to use Office 365 backup to protect your most valuable data. Last week we touched upon the actual threats for the data to disappear without Office 365 backup: hacker attacks, expiration and human factor. Today we’ll cover some key advantages of having your Office 365 backed up which are not directly connected to safety of your data as such.

The ease of restoration

In today’s collaborative cloud, it’s not enough to just recover lost data. Organizations need to be able to quickly restore it to any point in time. With the ability to “turn back the clock,” organizations can avoid wasting time spent recreating things like labels, file structures, reports or sharing settings.

With UpSafe Office 365 backup granular and bulk restoration functionality, featuring a handy search engine, you’ll be able to restore missing items as easy as never before.


As with storing data on-premise, auditors want to be sure that organizations are complying with both IT governance and regulatory requirements, such as GDPR. However, not all SaaS applications protect data in such a way that automatically complies with these requirements. Therefore, it’s important for organizations of all sizes to do their due diligence to ensure data is readily accessible in the cloud according to key requirements for compliance.

UpSafe is 100% GDPR-compliant, which means that if you use our service to backup your data, you will be compliant as well!


Upsafe Office 365 backup is a perfect third-party tool that will protect your most valuable data, including emails, contacts, calendar, as well as drive and Sharepoint.

We work for your security

UpSafe Team