The benefits of Office 365 email archiving


There are many companies that are regulated by government and have some form of retention requirements. Moreover, these companies may get into civil litigation or they may be asked for some 5 or 6-year old emails by the audit structures. With all these requirements it is obvious that it is better to perform Office 365 email archiving with some third-party tools.

If you use Office 365 in your daily life you are probably aware of its own archiving tools and of their limitations. See the list of benefits that the third-party Office 365 archiving and backup tools provide you with.

Flexible storage

You can use any public storage to keep your archived or backed up emails. You are not limited by your subscribtion plan. The only thing you need to pay for is the storage used.

Customizable retention

You can set up your own retention requirements when you archive your back up your Office 365 emails. Whether it would be 7 days or 7 years, you can set it up in your own way.

Advanced search option

Depending on the tool you choose to back up your emails or send them to the archive you will be provided by different ways of finding the granular emails that you need.

Granular legal holds

Legal hold that is applied at the message level minimizes risk and cost during the audit process.

Different export formats

In some cases you need to perform some other export format than PST. The third-party archiving and backup tools that allow you to export files in different formats can save your time and money.

Upsafe for Office 365 email archiving

If you have made up your mind to perform Office 365 email archiving you may need third party applications to do that. Upsafe Office 365 backup allows you to archive your emails as well as to store your Office 365 data in another cloud. Sign up using your corporate Offcie 365 account and try the free trial for 30 days.