Advanced Sharepoint Security II

Due to the nature of SharePoint as a collaborative platform, users will sometimes need to share important information to external users. In these cases, the security of that information should be the top priority. In most cases, you should try to block external sharing where possible. Only allow external sharing when there is a legitimate … Continued

Advanced Sharepoint Security I

SharePoint is an increasingly popular platform due to its powerful collaborative capabilities. Many organizations use SharePoint to store, organize, share and access information from any device. Because of its collaborative capabilities, SharePoint faces different security concerns than other platforms. Maintaining SharePoint security must be a collaborative effort between the IT team and the end users … Continued

Top OneDrive Security Feature

OneDrive Personal Vault is a new security layer on top of its OneDrive online file storage service that adds additional security features to keep your files save. The security features ensure that the only way to access these files is with a strong authentication method or two-step verification, which can include a fingerprint or face … Continued

SharePoint for Small Businesses

It’s easy to define the benefits of SharePoint for small business. SharePoint Online offers the affordability of a monthly subscription service that can be accessed from any digital device. Documents can easily be uploaded and then worked on by multiple users without the traditional version control issues that plague many collaborative teams. An internal website … Continued

Key Sharepoint Features for Business

If an organization decides to implement SharePoint Online and O365, a firm Standard Operating Data Storage Procedure for files and end-user training need to be enforced to better guarantee continuity across the organization.. But who is going to draft the guidelines for an organization to ensure best practices? Here are some key features to keep … Continued

OneDrive for Business Key Tips

Here are some top OneDrive features, useful for every business: “Files” is the main area of OneDrive that you will probably use the most. Think of this as your own “SharePoint” document library – with the exception that is it private to you. OneDrive pretty much has the same document management capabilities (Versioning, Co-Authoring) as … Continued

Using OneDrive Securely

Listed below are general recommendations for storing files containing confidential, sensitive, or unclassified UWM data in your OneDrive account. A full definition of all data classifications and examples of each are available in the UWM Information Security Office’s Data Classification and Criticality Standards. Confidential Data Confidential data should NOT be stored or shared using OneDrive; … Continued

Sharepoint Security Challenges

  Challenge 1: Address compliance mandates “60% of organisations have yet to bring SharePoint into line with existing data compliance policies.” – AIIM 2011 SharePoint security gap Native SharePoint activity monitoring lacks an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for reporting and analytics. Without a third-party solution, businesses must first decode SharePoint’s internal representation of log data before … Continued

Sharepoint Project Management Site Tips

1. Optimize the Quick Launch Here’s a question we like to ask our customers … “Do the folks working on projects have templates and guidance on how to manage projects the way you want them to?” Well, SharePoint makes this very easy to do! A SharePoint site is made up of different lists and libraries. … Continued

OneDrive Security Practices

There’s hope for IT teams looking to avoid OneDrive security risks and go above and beyond the security measures offered by the cloud storage platform. Access management tools have entered the industry to provide IT and security professionals with a complete overview of their cloud storage and sharing platform and protect their organization’s data. Here … Continued