OneDrive Security Practices

There’s hope for IT teams looking to avoid OneDrive security risks and go above and beyond the security measures offered by the cloud storage platform. Access management tools have entered the industry to provide IT and security professionals with a complete overview of their cloud storage and sharing platform and protect their organization’s data. Here are a few of the ways an access rights manager can help you:

Monitor OneDrive Permissions: Access rights management software can come equipped with detailed—yet intuitive—dashboards that provide a bird’s-eye view of each user’s access to services and file servers.

Analyze User Behavior: Gathering information on user behavior allows you to verify policy compliance and better secure user credentials and data. It also ensures you have the necessary data on hand to support an investigation if a security issue does occur. With an access rights manager, you can monitor changes to mailboxes, folders, and calendars.

Act Quickly: IT teams have 24 hours following a cyberattack to act before recovering any lost data becomes an unlikely outcome. An access rights manager will trigger alerts when suspicious activity—such as unauthorized access—occurs so you can take action before the damage is done.

Automate User Accounts: Management tools remove the tedious side of IT operations by automating access management. With role-specific templates, standardized, secure account creation is easy. This streamlines user onboarding and enables a quick response to user account termination requests. What if a threat is detected? These tools will automatically deprovision the suspicious account.

Protect Credentials: Being proactive is the best way to protect against security breaches. Access rights managers will immediately identify if a user account has insecure configurations to help protect you against credential theft and misuse of authorization and access.

Remain Compliant: Auditors assess HIPAA and/or PCI compliance and will look to see if user management policies are being monitored and enforced. Access rights managers can generate custom reports that show which employees have access to what documents. They also offer historical data, so you can view when a file was accessed. Some platforms take all this a step further, offering scheduling capabilities that allow you to automatically generate and send reports to auditors on a timeline of your choosing.

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