Key Sharepoint Features for Business

If an organization decides to implement SharePoint Online and O365, a firm Standard Operating Data Storage Procedure for files and end-user training need to be enforced to better guarantee continuity across the organization.. But who is going to draft the guidelines for an organization to ensure best practices? Here are some key features to keep in mind:


Versioning is one of the most vital characteristics to document management policies as it ensures that the document history is maintained in a logical manner. Versioning also provides a means to revert documents to previous versions and time stamps for personnel accountability. This feature, if leveraged correctly, will remedy the “terror in the greater extension of trust in peers” that exists amongst the cautious.

Column Indexing

Secondly, column indexing—making the most out of your lists and libraries. Indexing columns is a method that maintains the functionality and integrity of your libraries where mass document storage is the case. When applied, column indexing is the only feature that will allow for the bypass of the item threshold limit. On libraries and lists of 5,000 items or more, performance begins to degrade as SharePoint is attempting to analyze the data—column indexing manages the analyzation and maintains the performance level as if the library is still within the item threshold limit. This method proves those afraid of the vast capabilities have nothing to fear…there are things in place to protect your data.

Metadata Tagging

Metadata tagging is a characteristic of doc management that controls how your documents and data are returned in search results. Adding metadata properties or tags to your documents creates an environment that is easily searchable and readable as it acts as a logic standardization method for SharePoint to search and display data. When leveraged, this practice promotes and enforces users to save the data and documents in a logical manner eliminating the use of folders within a filing system. Folders are becoming more and more obsolete as metadata practices are being defined and continue to grow—preventing the misfiling of documents and above all NESTED FOLDERS AND FILES. Finally, everyone will be able to search and find their respective documents and data utilizing the same methods and approach to locating the file.


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