Sharepoint Project Management Site Tips

1. Optimize the Quick Launch

Here’s a question we like to ask our customers … “Do the folks working on projects have templates and guidance on how to manage projects the way you want them to?” Well, SharePoint makes this very easy to do!
A SharePoint site is made up of different lists and libraries. For example, you might manage tasks, issues in different lists and also include a document library to track deliverables. All of these represent the amount of “process” you are using to manage the project.
This is where you can map your Quick Launch to your specific project management process.
See in the image below how the Quick Launch is grouped nicely into the categories “Initiate & Plan” and “Execute & Control.” It acts as a guide for Project Managers when initiating and tracking a project.

2. Schedule Email Reports

One of the most important things you will need to do as a Project Manager is to communicate responsibilities to team members, so people know what it is they should be doing! Now while everyone should make it a habit to check their tasks in SharePoint every day, some of them, for one reason or another, might not check their ‘My Work’ Report regularly.
But don’t worry! In SharePoint, you can automate the reports so they are emailed to the team on a regular basis. You might choose to send ‘My Work’ reports every Monday morning, every morning, or whatever interval you feel is appropriate for your team.
In the same way, you might choose to automate the Project Status report to senior management every Friday afternoon, explaining the weeks’ progress.

3. Backup

UpSafe Office Office 365 backup covers SharePoint as well as mail, drive, contacts and calendar. Our cloud backup platform uses 256-bit AES encryption for maximum security.

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