OneDrive for Business Key Tips

Here are some top OneDrive features, useful for every business:

“Files” is the main area of OneDrive that you will probably use the most. Think of this as your own “SharePoint” document library – with the exception that is it private to you. OneDrive pretty much has the same document management capabilities (Versioning, Co-Authoring) as a SharePoint document library.

As you share files and folders from your OneDrive with others and others share their files with you, “Shared Folders” is the area where you can easily see what has been shared BY you and WITH you. No need to go to an email to find that link from Mary – it will be right here, waiting for you!

The idea behind OneDrive is that it is not just an area for your files, but a single place where you can access other (Team/Department) files as well. “Shared Libraries” are precisely what they are called – shows you all the Document Libraries from all the SharePoint sites you have access to. So while you can navigate to those libraries by navigating to SharePoint sites via your Intranet (Hub Navigation), in case you need to access just the files and not other web parts/lists, you can do so via Shared Libraries Tab as well.

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