How to use MS Outlook offline

We have already told in one of the previous article how to access Google Documents offline. This is a really nice picture, especially for those times when your internet connection is down. However, there are also many companies that use Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 instead of Google apps. What can they do in such … Continued

How to use Office 365 shared mailbox

Move a shared mailbox in Office 365 is a very convenient to that allows a group of people to send emails from a common account, such as If you reply to an email sent to the shared Office 365 mailbox your email looks as if it was sent from the shared email account, not … Continued

4 tips on how to manage your Office 365 users


If you are an Office 365 admin you need to do many routine actions with your users every day or every week such as changing their passwords for security purposes, editing or deleting their accounts, etc. So here is the Office 365 guide for the most common of them.