4 tips on how to manage your Office 365 users


If you are an Office 365 admin you need to do many routine actions with your users every day or every week such as changing their passwords for security purposes, editing or deleting their accounts, etc. So here is the Office 365 guide for the most common of them.

Tip #1. How to add users to your Office365 account

There are two ways to add new users from your Office 365 admin center – granularly or in bulk.

You can add a single user open “Users’, then go to “Active users”, click on the “+” icon which is located at the top. The Add new user wizard will open. You can set up a user’s name and a password with this wizard, also you can assign him to a custom domain. Moreover, you will see if there are enough free Office 365 accounts to grant for this new user. When you finish the wizard click “Create” and exit.

If you want to add many users in a bulk you can simply upload the .csv file with your list of names. Click on the bulk upload icon at the Active users tab (you can find it close to the + icon). You can download the sample .csv file to make sure that you fill it in correctly. After you put in all the data you just upload this file back to the system. After you do this you will be able to view and change the users before you you send them further on. After that you will be able to assign licenses to them with the wizard.

Tip #2. How to reset a user’s password in Office 365

When you create a new user in Office365 he will receive an automatic email with his user’s ID and a temporary password. When the user first opens the site he will be offered to change his password and he will have to sign in again.

Regular password changes is a usual admin’s routine work. It is important to maintain the good level of safety. Open you Office 365 admin center, then go to “Users” – “Active users”, then choose the user whose password you are planning to reset and click “Reset password”. You can send the new password by email or to make them change the password again when they next log into the panel.

Tip #3. How to rename the Office 365 user

If you want to edit your existing Office365 user go to your admin center – “Users” – “Active users”. Choose the user you want to edit. In the user’s profile on your right you can change user’s name and other details like title, department and phone number.

You can also make some users administrators or delete their accounts completely.

Tip #4. How to delete and restore the Office 365 user

If you are an Office 365 admin in your company then you can delete and restore your Office365 users. The user you want to get rid of should have an Office 365 licence, becsuse you may need to assign this licence to somebody else.

Note that if you delete a user you will still have access to his data but only for 30 days period. If you want  to be able to restore his files for a longer period you will need to use some third-party applications to back up your Office365 data to the cloud.

If you want to delete your existing Office365 user go to your admin center – “Users” – “Active users”.  Choose the user you need and click “Delete” in his profile on the right.

To retrieve Office365 user go to “Users” – “Deleted users”, choose the user you need and click on the “Restore” button.