How to restore files in Office365 if you have deleted a user


When we accidentally or intentionally delete a file and want to retrieve it the first thing we think of is the Recycle bin. And that is true to some extent. You have 90 days to restore your files till they get purged forever.


But what can you do if the user’s account has been deleted? The restoration process would not be so easy in this case.

If you delete a user account or take away his licence you delete all the information within his area: Office365 site, all the documents in the OneDrive for Business library, Office365 Calendar, etc. But you no more have 90 days for restoring data. Instead you get only 2 weeks, 14 days – and that’s it!

Of course the admin will receive an email notification about all the user’s data being deleted. But how many emails do you get every day? How to keep track of what is important and not to lose the significant data in the stream?

The Notification email example

The My Site of xxxxxx is scheduled for deletion in 14 days. As their manager you are now the temporary owner of their site. This temporary ownership gives you access to the site to copy any business-related information you might need. To access the site use this URL:

In other words, what can an admin do to prevent Office365 data loss? The best way to keep all your data safe is to use some third-party applications to back up all your Office 365 information.

One of such apps is UpSafe free Office365 Backup tool. While in beta the app is absolutely for free. You can download it from our website. Please leave your comments about how you have implemented it in your office work.