3 ways to protect your corporate Office 365 data from a rogue employee

You have decided to implement corporate Office 365 in your organization to keep your corporate data in the cloud and make it more secure. This is a right choice, MS Office data centers are a much more secure place to store your data than your old local server. But still the cloud technologies cannot protect you from your own users. Neither Office, nor any other cloud technology will save you from intentional deletion of your files and emails. the only way that will give you 100% guarantee is to perform backup for Office 365.

Imagine that you are about to fire an employee. This person may feel sad or even angry and before he leaves the company he may give you an unpleasant present by deleting the data that he has access to. And once he has made up his mind there will be nobody to stop him.  Luckily there are some ways that will help you to prevent the data loss.

Limit the employee’s access to his corporate Office 365 account

This is the common practice to revoke the employee’s access to your Office 365 data before you tell him the news, although many companies neglect or simply forget to do it. Of course, once the employee finds that he can no longer work with the files  he may suspect that something is wrong. But even if he guesses about his dismissal beforehand he won’t be able to do anything rush to your data.

Give your employees least privileges

Take care of your Office 365 security beforehand. Make sure that all your employees have enough privileges to perform their duties but no access to the data that they will never need in their work.

But it is not always possible to monitor who has access to what data in your company, especially if there are many users and many files are created every day. Set up a reporting system and find at least 10 minutes every day to monitor who has access to what data in your company.

Perform Office 365 backup

No monitoring system is perfect. The employee may guess that something is going wrong and act in haste before you limit his access to your cloud data. The employee that you are going to fire may occupy a high post and have huge privileges. The only way to make sure that you will always have access to your corporate data is to perform backup for Office 365 with third-party applications like UpSafe. If you keep the reserve copy of your data in another cloud you may no longer fear that your employees will take revenge.