Administrative access: who can view your Google Apps data?


If you have chosen Google Apps to keep your corporate data that was the right choice. Google can protect your private data like nobody else. Google servers are protected at the highest level both physically and environmentally. Still there is a group of Google employees who may have access to your data. But you can … Continued

Why should companies move to cloud Office 365


Office 365 is the most powerful cloud platform the world has ever seen. Its growth rate is even higher that Microsoft’s on-premises software has ever been. Online Office has developed great features for online collaboration and can be conveniently used by teams or by individuals. The Office365 benefits are undeniable. And still there are some … Continued

Access your data from anywhere with Google Apps


It’s summertime and many of us take holidays and travel a lot around the world. Of course, vacation is the time when you do not want to think about your clients, emails and documents but if you are a really busy man you would need to have access to this data from time to time … Continued

Gmail account security: malware prevention


An effective malware attack can be really disastrous for any company, because your account can be compromised, your secret data stolen and even your network can be crushed. Google takes care of all these threats and treats all these dangers quite seriously. Google uses different methods to protect their customers’ data and enhance Gmail account … Continued

3 ways to protect your cloud data from user error


The cloud technologies are convenient and secure, this is true. Google Apps and Office 365 have built good trust in their cloud techniques over these years. But you cannot protect the user from himself. If a user by mistake deletes some important information, it would be deleted nonetheless. So how can you increase your cloud … Continued