Access your data from anywhere with Google Apps


It’s summertime and many of us take holidays and travel a lot around the world. Of course, vacation is the time when you do not want to think about your clients, emails and documents but if you are a really busy man you would need to have access to this data from time to time even when you are out of office. If your company has gone to the cloud and implemented Google for Work then you will have no problems with that. Google Apps is a really great cloud solution for your company because it allows you to access you data from any place, any device, anywhere. However, the security issue is still of a current interest, so you would also probably need to backup Google Apps for business.

Any device

One of the greatest thing about GoogleApps is that you are not limited by any browser or any device. Whether you are at work or at home, using your desktop or a notebook, iOS or Android, just open Google Drive and work with your files. Google for Work is not bound to any specific client software and you don’t have to worry to set up the latest version of the app.

So when you are going for the vacation you may leave your notebook at home with no regret and work with your smartphone, tablet device or somebody else’s computer. It doesn’t matter what device you use because all of your data is in the cloud.

Without Internet connection

Google for work even allows you to work with your Google Apps data offline. You can check your Gmail box, compose emails, edit your Google sheets and Google Slides. All the changes will be sent to the cloud as soon as you gain access to the world wide web again. You can be sure that there will be no overlapping of versions for Google Drive files and you will be able to open a file even if somebody else is using it.

Backup Google Apps for business

To be able to have access to your Google Apps data from any place and any device is great, but remember that your colleagues may delete some of your file while you are getting rest. So when you come back to work you may find some of the data you collaborate upon is lost. To prevent this situation you should always backup Google Apps with applications like Upsafe.