3 ways to protect your cloud data from user error


The cloud technologies are convenient and secure, this is true. Google Apps and Office 365 have built good trust in their cloud techniques over these years. But you cannot protect the user from himself. If a user by mistake deletes some important information, it would be deleted nonetheless.

So how can you increase your cloud security and protect yourself from the user’s errors? See 3 ways how you can do this in the article.

Limit the access

The best thing about going to the cloud is that you can access your data from any place anywhere provided that you have Internet connection. But the fact that your employees can access the corporate data from almost any machine does not mean that you should allow them to do this. You can separate your users into organizational groups with Google Apps and Office 365 and grant specific permissions to these groups giving access to some people and hiding some pieces of your data from others. If you limit your users’ access to your data then the chance for losing it due to their errors will be minimized.

Train your employees

A trained driver is able to drive a car much smoother that a total beginner, right? If you let a person who has never been in the driver’s seat before to hold a wheel he most likely get into a car accident and get himself hurt.

If you let untrained person work with the cloud technologies, of course, there will be no life threatening circumstances but he can delete some important data by pure mistake.

So before you implement cloud technologies in you company you should first train your workers how to operate with them.

Back up your cloud data

Even if you take the precautions described above your cloud data will not be 100% secure. And the only way to be sure that you will not lose any document is to perform regular cloud-to-cloud backup. Try Google apps free backup or Office 365 free backup depending on what cloud solution you use in you company and never lose a bit of your data again.