Administrative access: who can view your Google Apps data?


If you have chosen Google Apps to keep your corporate data that was the right choice. Google can protect your private data like nobody else. Google servers are protected at the highest level both physically and environmentally. Still there is a group of Google employees who may have access to your data. But you can sleep well in the night, this group is quite small and their access is limited. Still if you are worried you can use Google Apps backup tool.

Google Administrators

To keep your information safe Google segregates each client’s Google Apps data between the users even if it is kept on one physical server. Only a very small group of Google workers have access to customer data. Google employees get access to your data according to their job functions. The access is based on the idea of least-privilege and need-to-know and it is enough for them to perform their responsibilities.

Google employees only have a limited set of default permissions to access company resources, such as Google’s internal employee portal. A customer can only give additional access for Google employees himself by request that is a part of a formal process of troubleshooting, as it is set in  Google’s security policies.

Affirmations are managed by workflow tools that sustain audit records of all changes. These tools regulate both the modification of authorization settings and the affirmation process to guarantee consistent application of the approval policies. A worker’s authorization settings are used to monitor access to all resources like data and systems for Google Apps products. Support services are only available for authorized client administrators who have been identified in several steps.

Google Apps backup tool

You data is absolutely secure with Google Apps, but still it can be damaged from inside by a revengeful employee. So you should always take additional precautions and use Google Apps backup tool like Upsafe.