Office 365 admin center

Office 365 is a great online collaboration tool. If you are an IT administrator in your company and you have decided to select Office 365 as your mail tool, you have made the right choice. Check this article to learn about Office 365 admin center capabilities and also how to enhance your online data security … Continued

Reducing Office 365 availability risks


With on-premises messaging software like Exchange and Outlook you have got used to convenient planning and implementing high level of availability and security. You might have even implemented local backup of your mailbox with third-party desktop apps. But now with all these new modern technologies you have at last decided to move all your data … Continued

Office 365 service management


It is really important for the Office 365 administrator to know how to manage all the features available so as to make the life easier for all the users. And the way you manage all you Office 365 polices, the way you plan your IT infrastructure, the way you deliver, operate and control your whole … Continued

How to migrate your Google Calendar to Office365


Moving all your data from one service to another can become a nightmare if there are no integration options. Luckily Office365 and Google Drive have something in common. So here are the instructions on how to move all your GCalendar data to Microsoft Office cloud solution.