How to migrate your Google Calendar to Office365


Moving all your data from one service to another can become a nightmare if there are no integration options. Luckily Office365 and Google Drive have something in common. So here are the instructions on how to move all your GCalendar data to Microsoft Office cloud solution.

Go to your Google Calendar. On your left at the Calendars block click the arrow by the Calendar you want to move to Office as an Internet Calendar Subscribtion. Choose Calendar settings.


Scroll down to the “Calendar address”. This option allows you to share your calendar with other people by single link. Make sure that you have granted public access to your calendar before you set up this link.

Click “ICAL”:


In the pop-up window you will get the link you can share with everyone.


Save this calendar and then open it with Outlook. You will see the side-by-side view in your Office365 Calendar. You can also see it in the navigation pane under Other Calendars.


The Calendar imported from GoogleDrive to Office365 works like a static snapshot. If you want to synchronize changes it you will have to subscribe to it or repeat this procedure over and over again when any changes with your GCalendar occur.

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