Office 365 service management


It is really important for the Office 365 administrator to know how to manage all the features available so as to make the life easier for all the users. And the way you manage all you Office 365 polices, the way you plan your IT infrastructure, the way you deliver, operate and control your whole cloud computing system effects all your company’s work. Your main purpose in this case should be to increase the Office 365 efficiency, to minimize the maintenance costs and to help your users with this tool to enhance their productivity.

As an admin you can manage all the services offered by the Office 365 platform. The available services may change according to the plan you have chosen. Let’s take a closer look at the main features:

  • Enable and disable Office365 services
  • Configure OneDrive for Business
  • Manage Office365 updates

If you need the detailed training on how to manage the service you can take a look at Microsoft Virtual Academy. There are some free video lessons on this question.

Enable and disable Office 365 services

The Office 365 admin center gives you detailed information about what services are set up for now, what services can be upgraded and whether the whole environment is healthy and sound. You can view the status of the services at

You get a specific set of services according to the pricing plan you have chosen. If you ever need any additional services you can always upgrade your licences. Office365 support specialists will be happy to help you.

As an Office 365 administrator you can change basic settings for each service, enable or disable some features according to the rights that you have.

Manage Office 365 updates

Above all the administrator should take care for the system to be up-to-date. With Office 365 you can monitor all the upcoming events right in the administrator’s dashboard. You can find them at

You can find it at the Service Health section of the Office 365 admin center.
Being an admin is a hard but interesting job. If you want to make your life easier regularly back up your Office 365 with third-party tools like Upsafe so as not to lose a bit of information.