Google Team Drives Access Management


A Team Drive provides shared storage space for people in organizations that use G Suite Business, Education, or Enterprise edition. What differentiates a Team Drive from a person’s standard My Drive is that the Team Drive acts as the owner of any files and folders created or added to the Team Drive. As a result, … Continued

GDPR-Compliant G Suite Backup


GDPR is already in power in a month and it is high time make sure you use a GDPR-compliant G Suite backup. From article 32 of GDPR derives the need to use a GDPR-compliant backup to have “the ability to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services” and “the … Continued

Google calendar tips: jump to a specific date


In today’s article I’m going to tell you one more Google Calendar tip regarding navigation. Sometimes we need to view not only this day or week or month’s agenda but to look farther into the past or into the future and see some specific information about the day 10 years ago. By default you can … Continued

Google Apps For Work Overview. Part 2.


In the previous article we have started to investigate which apps are offered by Google for work suite. Today we will review the rest of them and also say some words about Google security settings.

Google calendar tips: how to set up a year view


Sometimes you need to take a broader look at your calendar and see at what day of the week the conference will take place in a couple of months or how many holidays you will have before the Christmas Eve so as to plan the holiday trip. And in this case the year view of your Google … Continued

How to restore Google Calendar and how to create a to-do list


Google Calendar may be useful not only for managing your meetings and important dates. It can be used as an effective task-manager as well. In this article I will give you instructions how you can make up a to-do list out of your Google Calendar and also say how to restore Google calendar in case you … Continued