How to restore Google Calendar and how to create a to-do list


Google Calendar may be useful not only for managing your meetings and important dates. It can be used as an effective task-manager as well. In this article I will give you instructions how you can make up a to-do list out of your Google Calendar and also say how to restore Google calendar in case you deleted a task or an event that was important for you.

To create a to-do list first of all you need to make the tasks visible in your calendar.

How to create a to-do list

At the left-hand pane click “My calendars” and select the tasks. You may also customize the color.


The task list will appear on your right hand. Create a new task by simple clicking in the end of the list:


When you create a new task it is not appointed to any specific date. If you want to include the task into your schedule click on the arrow icon in the task name and set up the day:


How to restore Google Calendar events and tasks

Don’t forget that if you delete the existing tasks or events you will only be able to restore them during 30 days. Once this period is over Google will automatically clean up your trash bin. And you will never be able to restore them again unless you use any third-party applications to back up your data, such as Upsafe Google Apps backup.

It will help you to back up your corporate Google Calendar on schedule. You will always have a chance to restore your Google Calendar even if the events and tasks were deleted by your collegues.