GDPR-Compliant G Suite Backup


GDPR is already in power in a month and it is high time make sure you use a GDPR-compliant G Suite backup. From article 32 of GDPR derives the need to use a GDPR-compliant backup to have “the ability to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services” and “the … Continued

G Suite Backup and Office 365 Backup with B2 Storage

b2 storage g suite backup office 365 backup

UpSafe is on the unending journey to make our G Suite Backup and Office 365 Backup services better and more flexible. Therefore we proudly announce having successfully passed B2 Cloud Storage certification and now we are officially integrated and compatible with B2 Cloud Storage. In this regard we offer a 10% DISCOUNT for B2 users. This … Continued

Upsafe Free backup released new feature: scheduling

We are constantly developing our backup software. So meet the new feature. You can set up a schedule the backup for your Gmail and MS  Office 365 Outlook and you don’t have to do is all manually now. To schedule the backup open the program, click Tools -> Create a schedule.

The strategic aspects of your Office 365 cloud data security


When implementing Office 365 cloud technologies, security engineers have to look thoroughly through every aspect of the email security strategies to make sure that they provide the strongest protection imaginable. If you rely on the basic level of security provided by Microsoft your cloud data may be at a very big risk. It may be … Continued

How to split and merge cells in Office 365

Microsoft Launches Office 2013 In New York's Bryant Park

Microsoft Office Cloud 365 is pretty much similar to the desktop version we have got used to through all these years. You can apply most of the actions to the data that you did with the desktop application. But the cloud 365 is still slightly different, and all these differences are mostly about the interface. … Continued

4 tips on how to increase your Office 365 efficiency


When you implement cloud computing technologies into your business you make great step towards data security and work conveniency. But the new instrument can become a real headache if you do not know how to use it. So here are some tips for you in how to get the most out of Office 365.

3 ways for your business to back up data


In the world of modern technologies the progress is soaring in the air. Some 10 years ago we could not have even imagined any cloud solution for replicating your data to. Dropbox has become the cloud technology pioneer only in 2010. And now we cannot imagine our life without it. There is even no more … Continued

Google Apps Security Feature Customizations


Google Apps takes care of your data both at the physical and at the environmental level. But you can make your cloud security even stronger with the variety of tools that can be set up by the domain administrator. I will reveal some of these tools in this article. The most reliable is to use Google … Continued

Google Apps environmental security


In the previous article we have taken a look at how Google provides physical data security. Now it’s time to find out how Google Apps cares for its environmental safety. First of all, Google servers are quite secure and almost the only way that you can lose your data is due to the users’ mistakes. So … Continued